Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3: 25 Days of Christmas!

Good evening y'all!

So did anyone make any progress on their Christmas decorations or have done anything exciting for the season?

We made progress here at the Francis household last night. Our light show had its preliminary show... it needs some tweeking and their will be additions as the month goes on, but it is up and running. For the interior, I started getting things out and putting decor here and there. Still a lot to do! I cannot wait to get my trees up, that is what makes it feel like Christmas to me!

Anyway, a theme I am planning on sharing today is Winter White. This theme consists of everything with ivory or white tones, with soft and sparkle like snow. It is quite elegant and would be so pretty if you had the right space to create this theme.

So, speaking of Winter...where's the snow? Today in North Carolina it was around 70 degrees on December 3rd! Are you kidding me? I would at least to have 1 or 2 snow days this season. :-)

Have a Lovely evening!!!

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