Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crafting Space...

Good evening!! Can you believe it's November? It is flying by. We even played Christmas music today in the office.

Anyway, ever since we moved into our house, I have desperately needed a craft table. My writing table and my dining room table wasn't cutting it. I saw a tutorial on The Ivy Cottage Blog on how to create a craft table.

This tutorial was great! It costs $50 to make!!

Craft Table from the Ivy Cottage Blog
Amanday from Ivy Cottage Blog created two craft tables. Her tutorial was super easy and definitely affordable! The only thing I would've done differently would of been using a solid core door and possibly the expedit bookshelves from IKEA. I used the bookcases from Walmart that were $15 each. The hollow door was $20.

There are a few things that I would like to do to update it, but for now this is what I have and it's been great!!! Love the workspace it provides!

So, what do you think? I absolutely love it! This table is great for all the holiday projects that are coming up. I just want to get some nice storage to store all of my craft supplies.

Visit The Ivy Cottage Blog to get the full tutorial!

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