Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready for Fall...

Good evening Y'all!

I have been working on a wreath for the Fall season for about three weeks now. I think it would have taken me half of that time if I was not so busy and running out of materials, which had me going back and forth to the craft store.

I would like to share with you my inspiration...

I thought this was just adorable and it looked fairly easy. One Saturday I was at the craft store and I remembered that this was one project I wanted to do for the fall season, but I didn't have the tutorial and materials on hand.

The House of Smiths is the blog that gives the full tutorial for the inspiration wreath. This blog used the following materials:

~ One foam wreath form {mine is about 13 inches across}
~1/2 yard of muslin
~ 1/2 yard of orange canvas fabric
~1/2 yard of yellow canvas fabric
~1/2 yard of off white canvas fabric
~ 200 straight pins 
~ Black ribbon

Since, I did not have the materials on hand these were my materials that I used:

* 1/2 yard of muslin
* 5 pieces of orange felt
* 4 pieces of yellow felt
* 5 pieces of brown felt 
* approx. 350 straight floral pins (2 boxes of 200)
* Fall Inspired Plaid Wired Ribbon

I pretty much followed the same directions as The House of Smiths, but this is how mine turned out. 

From a Distance 

A close up 

To give it a little bit of Halloween flair... 

So, what do you think? I think it still turned out cute with the felt instead of the actual fabric, but it was really simple. I also chose to keep the pearl top of the pins showing. 

Also, to get more in the spirit for Halloween, I received my shipment from zulily with my pumpkin figurines. They are too cute! 

Thanks for stopping by today and hope everyone has a great weekend! Fall is definitely in the air!

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