Thursday, August 30, 2012

29 Forever?

Hey there! What a whirlwind this month has been. I can't believe it is almost September! I am celebrating a birthday!! Woohoo! The only thing is...I turned 2-9!! My last year in my twenties...yikes! least I don't feel any different.

Anyway, I started off my birthday last weekend when I was in Saratoga Springs, New York for my sis-in-law's bridal shower. My hubby's family surprised me with a birthday cake and gifts. It was so unexpected, but so thoughtful and really nice. I never really get to spend it with them so it was nice for a change.

So..before I share some photos of my awesome weekend with my hubby's family in are a few quotes that inspire me especially for my LAST year in my twenties.

I love this post from's all about the 21 Secrets for your twenties!

This one is one of my fav's, " All those amazing college friends you swore you’d never lose contact with after college yeah, well, you might loose contact. Moving all over the country, getting married, having kids, all make that forty-five minute conversation with your sophomore roommate a little more complicated than it used to be over a game of Mario Kart. Making and keeping friends in our twenties takes intentionality." 

and this one..."Your twenties will produce more failures than you’ll choose to remember. The key is when you fail, don’t begin calling yourself a failure." 


Do it BIG! 



"Life is full of little pleasures..."

Heck yeah!! 

Maybe...leaving my twenties isn't so bad...

yeah..I wish this would happen...

Next year...I am planning on doing 30 BIG! Time to start planning now...hmmm...what should my theme be? Roaring 20's? Have any ideas? Share them here...leave a comment. ;-) 

Here are some photos of my awesome to start my Labor Day weekend...

 Anie Dini at Travers weekend in Saratoga

Mary's Beautiful Cake

Their "famous" :-)

 The pretty hydrangeas


The Sissy-in-law (Bride-to-be) and Me! 

Todd & Mary (sporting her hat made from all her gifts) 


 Beautiful Mary in her awesome fascinator!!  


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