Thursday, May 10, 2012

Design Talk

May Design Talk: Redefined Home Boutique 

Today, on the premier of my monthly feature of Design Talk, I have interviewed the designer/owner of Redefined Home Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. So, I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions for this month's Designer please feel free to comment. 

Introduce us and tell us how you fell in love with Interior Design?

My name is David William D'Ambrosio. To be honest I do not remember a moment where design has not been in my blood. As a child, I remember my mother always redoing our home(s) and I felt the need/desire to help. As I have aged it has become a passion and I can not live a single second without a creative thought.

What made you want to open your own Interior Design Boutique?

Six years ago I knew I wanted to open up a store called Redefined. As the idea grew so did the size of the boutique. The idea was a mer 1,200 to 1,800 sq ft boutique that grew to 5,200 sq ft. I have always loved vintage and antique items that were affordable to the everyday consumer. I married that love with unique furnishings that everyone could afford. This idea was what I felt was lacking in the design community and I wanted to make a place that people would call "home". Over the last 2 years we have flourished on the reality that a uniquely furnished home can be an obtainable dream.

Your store is a boutique that represents blending the old and the new; how do you suggest on achieving that look? For example, through accessories, fabric, furniture, paint, etc?

Here are a few tips from what I feel could obtain the look.

 1) If you want something that looks old, buy it that way. Reproductions can look nice but never have the charm or true aesthetic.

 2) If you paint, paint the color you love. Do not try and replicate

 3) If you want a mix of old and new enjoy the search. Don't do it quickly, enjoy it.

The average person can not afford fine home furnishings, so on a budget what would you suggest in order to achieve a look with a high dollar look?

If you enjoy a high dollar look than you should have it. Take your time and buy timeless pieces. Cheap pieces never do the trick.

If there is one item that you could splurge on in a space what would that one item be?

For me it is lighting. I never think twice!

Thank you David for taking the time to answer a few questions about Design.  I hope that everyone learned something! 

Visit David and his store at Redefined Home Boutique, also you can get more tips by visiting his Blog

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Thank you all and again feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments for David, or myself.

Goodnight Y'all!


  1. I totally agree with what David says about trying to replicate. You can't fake the real thing. Buy the quality pieces that will last. Paint colors you love and splurge on lighting. Well said!

  2. Didn't realize you were a NC girl like me! Love your blog....I'm going to spend some more time here.....

    1. Sure am! haha NC is a beautiful place! Thanks for stopping by!

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