Thursday, May 17, 2012

Decorating 101: Color

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Hope everyone is ready for the weekend. Today, I am going to talk about Color and Design. When I was growing up I would go house to house with my Mom since she is a Realtor and see everyone's homes. Once I stepped in these houses, I always wanted to make them better visually. Color is an easy way to do that. To make a space interesting Color adds a pop and makes a space a little more interesting. It doesn't always have to be paint either. Subtle pops of color in accessories is a way to bring in color, especially if you are afraid of painting your walls a bold color.

So here I have formulated a few tips and tricks to go by and to remember when decorating with color.

Tip #1:
In a particular room, try to use a maximum of 3 colors. One as a main color, the second as a secondary color and the third as an accent color. When deciding what colors to use, try breaking it down with the largest parts of a room. For example, the main color focusing on the walls, the secondary color focusing on the furniture/upholstery and lastly for the accent color use a vase or pillows.

With this picture above, you can see that the main color is a yellow. The secondary color is the soft green and the accent colors are the coral/orange.

Tip # 2:
Trying to decide what colors to use in a space? Try deciding on whether you want the colors to be complementary or analogous (which means the colors next to each on the color wheel).

Examples, such as, Red/Orange, or Blue/Green.


Tip # 3:

When deciding on a color scheme, try to find inspiration from a particular fabric in a pillow/linens or a piece of art. Bring the colors  from the pattern.

Ikat pattern in the cushions set the color scheme for the rest of the room

Tip # 4:

Contrast. Consider having a contrast of colors in a room. For example, a stark white paired with black or a bright blue. A high level of contrast gives a space a more defined look than low contrast, such as, ocher and sage.
Black and White

Tip #5:

Geography and Seasons

Consider focusing on where you are and the seasons you live in. If you live in Florida,  think of blues, greens, oranges and pinks drawn from the ocean, trees, and sunsets. If you live in the Southwest, focus on earth tones, such as, browns, oranges and red tones. It sets the tone and the landscape of a room. 

I hope some of these tips help in deciding on colors and/or color schemes for your space. These are tips I've learned over the years and from designers friends. 

Do you have any color tips? What are your favorite color schemes? 

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