Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thoughts on Kitchen Chandeliers...

Goodevening Y'all! I just want to say Thanks to all my new followers...I hope I can shed some inspiration and a place for you to share yours. :-)

Lately, I have been pondering on the thought of a chandelier in my kitchen. In a lot of designs you are beginning to see chandeliers and pendants taking reign for sources of lighting in the kitchen.

These kitchens are absolutely beautiful and I think the chandeliers add to that ambiance and elegance. I notice one thing in common with all of these kitchens. They all have islands in which the chandeliers are hung above. Today, I have a question for you all. Do you think it is fine to hang a chandelier in the kitchen and if so, do you absolutely need an island? Do Chandeliers provide adequate lighting for this kind of space?

Here is my kitchen...very very small. Our ceilings are 10ft, but no island. I am tired of my fixture and am trying to convince my hubby that a chandelier can go in the kitchen even though it is a small kitchen. It does not need to be grandeur or anything. What are your thoughts? If not a chandelier, what other type of lighting would you put in this size of a kitchen or what kind of lighting do you have in your kitchen?

Please look past the clutter and mess...oh and the one burnt out light in the fixture. Ha.

Tell me your thoughts and feel free to send pictures as well.


  1. I think a chandelier looks amazing in a kitchen. I have them in each of my kids rooms too. I just think a chandelier looks so lovely no matter where you put it. Great post. Following from UBP. Jana

    1. Thanks Jana! I agree! I would put one in my closet and laundry room too! haha.