Monday, October 10, 2011

Ready for Fall Decor...and More...

Goodevening Y'all! Wow, It has been ages since I've blogged, but I've been so busy. I've been working 7 days a week, but in the midst of it all I have been busy decorating my house for Fall and Halloween. Here are few items that I made for nearly half the price of where you can find them similar to the ones in your local stores.

First of all, my fall wreath from last year looked like it had seen its days. Instead of buying a new wreath, I figured I would just recycle this one and revamp it a little bit. I just took off all of the old flowers, leaves and berries and start from the grapevine wreath--bare bones and all. I then went to Michael's where I picked up some fall florals 50% off. I bought one fall leaf garland and a few bouquets of leaves. I also bought the ribbon from Carolina Pottery for approximately $3.00. The total it cost to make my wreath was under $20.00. Do you see the mark up they charge for the wreaths in the stores? Anywhere from $30-$50 for a basic wreath.

So...what I did was just attach my garland and pulled the leaves off my bouquets and attached them to the wreath. First, I started with the garland and looped it around the wreath and secured them will green floral wire. Then I filled in the bare spots with the leaves from the bouquets and secured them with the floral wire as well. I then made my bow and attached it with the floral wire as well. For a tutorial on how to make your bow, visit this site.

Now...onto the reveal....I am getting too wordy.

Here is where my inspiration came from...the fall wreath @ Pier 1 for $39.95.

I may be biased, but I think I like mine better!

On to my next project....

I wanted to make two urns filled with black twigs and branches, like the ones found here. My hubby and I made these last year, but I added a few more glittery black and orange twigs and some cute halloween ribbon.

Here is my cute Halloween twigs in urns, each on one side of the front door.

I made these on a dime as well. The ones @ Target cost $40.00 each. First, I bought the urns/planters @ Carolina Pottery. I also bought the planters foam and the gray moss. I think for two urns and everything it was under $15.00. I then went to Michael's and bought the twigs and the cute Halloween pumpkin ornaments. I think they cost $10.00 for each bunch. I then spray painted them with some basic black spray paint and then I found some black glitter from Martha Stewart which I bought at Walmart. After I spray painted them, I put glue on the branches and then sprinkled the black glitter on them. This is so messy!! Do this outdoors!! I had the ribbon already and just added the ribbon on the urns and tied the little pumpkins on the branches.

Here is a close up.


Oh and here are the ones from Target...that charge $40 for each one...

Thanks for coming by!! Happy Fall Y'all!

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