Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Work in progress...

Goodafternoon! I've had a lot of my friends and family ask about some things I've done around the house so today I've thought I'd share them with you even though everything is a work in progress.

This is kind of a mini tour of some rooms in my house...but in every room there is usually one or two missing pieces that I have yet to find to complete it, but enjoy anyway. I would love to hear comments too! ;-)

So, firsts of firsts, is my new hutch that I got a few months ago from Craigslist. I love it, but I am not sure if the red goes with the colors in my dining room/front room. I am also hunting for pieces to put inside and on top besides my china. What do you think?

Next, is my dining room, well ok mostly my dining room table. This is our only dining in the house, but I was mainly taking a picture of the table runner. My boss brought this back for me from Italy where she is from. It is hand stamped and the ink is all natural dyes. Pretty right? Oh and you see those ugly white stripe curtains that are too short? I am getting rid of those eventually. They were from the previous owners, but I needed something up on the windows for privacy so I kept them as is, for now until I can find exactly what I am looking for.

The pictures above are my fireplace in my family room. My Mom bought me the art above the fireplace for only $50! Can you believe it? We used to have a mirror above there, which looked nice, but this looks so much better. Oh and I also got the chocolate linen curtains from IKEA for $20 for both and in the 108" Length I wanted. Yeah!

Now, the pictures above are my master bathroom. We've done a lot to this space in the last 3 years that we've lived in this house. We painted the walls a blueish-gray. It is called Rejuvenate by Behr. I painted the vanity an espresso color. They were hideous before, they were that piney oak. I then brought antiqued-aged bronze knobs for the cabinets as well. Our mirror was just one of those standard glass HUGE mirrors that the builders put in standard homes. I believe we purchased the frame from It looks so much better! It came in pieces and we just put it together and stuck it on. I think it took 20 minutes. Oh and for the window by the tub, I put a bamboo shade up for privacy, but I am still looking for a valance and art for the rest of the walls in the bathroom.

Finally, is my lovely master bedroom! We just had this repainted a few months ago by my hubby's Mom! She does a fantastic job painting! I can hire her out if you would like...haha...I don't know if she would appreciate that. Anyway, we painted the room Slate by Restoration Hardware (we actually had it color matched by Behr). I then purchased new curtains from IKEA in a white linen which were $20. I also purchased the two bedside lamps from IKEA. The gray quilt and sham are also from IKEA, it is more of a charcoal grey. The pillows are from Steinmart. I am still looking for a simple creme/linen/or white duvet or a simple pattern. Eventually, we would like to change the furniture to something a little more sophisticated for this space and not so traditional.

Well, there you have it a mini tour of my house that is always a work in progress!

P.S. Don't Judge my photo taking abilities. My camera is out dated and I am soon to get a new one, well hopefully and well my hubby has a nice canon SLR, but I need to take a course or something to learn how to use it.

Have a great day!

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