Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall and Halloween....get a move on it!

Ok, I am so ready for this NC summer to go away! It's been a scorcher here all summer! I am definitely ready for cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season of the year! I love the yellows, reds, and oranges. It is so beautiful! I also love the cool breeze during the day and chilly nights! So since I am ready for the season to begin...I have a few ideas that I would LOVE to get started on for Halloween and the Fall season. Now, if only the time permits....

 This is so pretty! Love all the bright oranges and reds!
 This is a cute decoration idea...
 How funny is this!! Just by some of those cheap lawn flamingos and paint them to look eerie! Hmm, since summer is almost to a close, they might have these on clearance. Must Check out!
 Adorable idea!!
 Love the owls!!
 I've been wanting these pumpkins for years, I really need to get these this year. The store has them and also PB, but does anyone know where I can get these for less than $80?

 I think this is a cute whimsical decoration!
 Too cute!

Tres Chic! Love it!!!

Enjoy, hope you are able to get some inspiration for the next season! It's approaching quickly! Can't wait!

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