Thursday, August 18, 2011

Allen + Roth: Lighting

Ok, Today I am obsessed with Lighting. I have a few light fixtures that I have been wanting to get that are fairly reasonable for my bathrooms and my foyer. All of these fixtures can be found @ Lowes Home Improvement Stores.

Ok, so this is my master bathroom. See the hideous light fixture? The GIANT globes!! Ugh! Anyway, I have been trying to find the perfect light fixture for this space. I have been looking for something contemporary, yet traditional. Here is what I came up with.

I love the clean lines of this, and the oil rubbed bronze. It's only $99, what do you think?

For my two smaller bathrooms, I was thinking more of a traditional or even maybe a chandelier for the powder room. I have not found the type of chandelier I would want for this kind of space and I am not sure if my hubby would be willing to rewire the bathroom lighting to put one in. ??

As for the Foyer, I want something similar, meaning contemporay, yet traditional. Right now, I have an ugly brass pendant...uck!

This is what it kind of looks like...
This is what I like....

And for good measure, I like this drum shade pendant, it reminds me of a farmhouse, but honestly I have no where in my house to put this..but I like it!

Someday I will have better lighting....

Tata for now...

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