Monday, July 25, 2011


Ok, besides for me being MIA for the past two weeks, you know what (excuse my language) pisses me off? My husband and I use coupons for most of our grocery shopping and I went to pick up my usual 2 to 3 newspapers yesterday. Until we started to flip through the paper to the coupons, my 2nd paper did not have any inserts!! What the heck? People!! Really? Are you that cheap to confiscate the coupons from a paper that you did not purchase? I purchased the paper for $2.00 with no coupon inserts, so it was basically a waste of money. Ok, just had to vent b/c I think that is truly wrong and inconsiderate.

Thanks for listening....oh and one of these days I will post some of my projects, new decor pieces in my house and my master bedroom reno....if I had a moment to breath...I could actually relax and get these things accomplished. I think I have a novel length book written in my head of all the things I would like to do with my house. sheesh!!


  1. OH I hate when that happens.. it is just sad and sick that people are that way..

  2. Amen!! Thx! I didn't think I was crazy!