Friday, April 8, 2011

Pic-a-boo...guest bedroom

Goodevening Y'all! So, last weekend I mentioned that I had painted my guest bedroom. I finished the painting, but the room is still in disarray. I did want to share what the room looked like before was a lavender purple from the previous homeowners. Ick!

So, here is the before! Afters are yet to come!
That's the hubs helping me take down the hardware.

So this was the color...ick!! Light Purple! It's just not my here is a preview of one of the colors in the room.
I know it's hard to's a bluish gray. The lighting isn't very good in this room, plus my camera isn't top notch either.

The colors are from Behr Ultra. I used the color Atmospheric and the color Dark Truffle for an accent wall. Can not wait to share!!

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