Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decorative Moss Letters

Goodevening Everyone! My goodness I have been blogging has taken a back seat lately, even though it is a stress reliever for me. So anyway, I have a project that I was working on.

The cute project was an inspiration from Dear Lillie. I love all of her projects!! This one was so easy, but it did take a considerable amount of time. Visit Dear Lillie's tutorial at the link above to check out how she did hers!

Paper Mache Letters/or any kind of letters (Dear Lillie used a different kind of letter which looks like it works better, but it all depends what your local craft store carries..mine did not have the ones that Dear Lillie used.
Sheet Moss
Glue Sticks
Glue Gun

This is really simple, I just cut the sheet moss in strips and put some glue on the letter and attached it. After it was fully covered, I then took some small pieces of moss and covered the parts that were showing. This is the only picture I have of the whole process..but it is pretty self explanatory. For the full tutorial visit Dear Lillie's.

Here is the final product...
ha my M was a little in this case letters that are not as thick would work much better.

Hmm..what do you think? I am thinking that I need to redo the M. Grrr....Some projects are a hit or miss...

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  1. Cute Jenn!!!! What a neat idea! I think you need two topiaries by the door. Heehee