Friday, April 8, 2011

David Duncan Photography: YWCA of Lynchburg, VA

Goodevening friends!

One of my girlfriend's brother is a fine artistic photographer and he is doing great work within his community in Lynchburg, Virginia. Please take a moment to view his video...

He showcased this video this past Friday at the YWCA's annual Purse & Passion fundraiser that was held in a large ballroom with 160 women. For their annual event we produced a video that showcases a program that they offer. This year was about Domestic Violence and the Children Programs.

"They gave me the idea and I ran with it, planning the interviews, shooting b-roll and setting up the music this time with help from friends in Nashville, TN and one of the best recording studios called Sixteen Ton Studios. They were great and volunteered their time and talent and wrote the music for the video frame by frame." ~David

"The video goes from dark to light, it is sad but there is hope at the end of it.The YWCA raised over 21k last Friday and the money will go to the programs that
support women and children."

To view the video visit it is about 5 minutes long.

If you know anyone or non-profits that need video work we do travel in and out of state for jobs.

Thanks again...and congrats David for your fine work in and out of the studio.

Also, visit his websites...

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