Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today's Fabulous Find...

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

Today, I wanted to share with you all a "Fabulous Find," that I love and already own!! That would be Elle & Anne Handbags. I discovered Elle & Anne actually through my childhood friend, Sara. Her sister-in-law is the owner of Elle & Anne and her designs and fabrics are amazing. She is oh so very talented! She has an eye for distinct fabrics with all sorts of colors and textures. She keeps in mind the current trends, but her designs are unique!! Her bags are "a little bit of conservative mixed with a dash of whimsy."

Michelle, the owner of Elle and Anne not only designs handbags, but has an eye for all sorts of design. She literally can design anything on a whim, from headbands to curtains to pillows. Here is a sample of her work...

I love her work!! I also want to give credit to her amazing husband, David. HE is an AMAZING Photographer. He does all her photographs and runs his own photography business. Check him out here.

In addition to Michelle's store, she also has a blog visit her at

Happy Shopping!!!

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