Monday, March 14, 2011

Squeaky Clean...

Happy Monday Y'all! Is it just me or was today a little harder to get up? For me it was!! Ugh...daylight savings time, although, I really do like how it is lighter in the evening. So...I hope everyone's weekend was great, mine was! With the beautiful weather...definitely was outside and driving from place to place with the windows down!

On Saturday, I spent the day with my friend Emily and her cute dog Ollie. We had lunch outside and did a little shopping. I found lots of little decorative items throughout my travels this weekend. I will have to share later.

So...about my post today..since I didn't get anything done that I wanted to get done I am going to share about a great new cleaning product that my hubby discovered at Target. We bought the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the Bathroom. I know these things have been out for a while, but this one is a lot bigger and it holds a nice febreze scent. We tested it out on our shower doors because they were all grimy and scummy. It removed it all!!! It's so clear!! Wow!

I have tried numerous products to clean my shower doors, but have had no luck. Hopefully this product stays true to its word!! If this doesn't keep clean, I may try lemon oil (I saw it on Real Simple's website). Do you know where I can get that if I need to?

To check out and purchase one...go here.


  1. those magic clean erasers are AWESOME!

  2. by the way... do you recommend anything for cleaning an oven? I'm in need!