Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rustic Shelving: Fab Finds of the Day!

Goodevening! What a day!! I think I am either coming down with something or my allergies are taking a toll on me. So....this is why I am posting @ 9pm.

So, I did want to share some awesome shelving that I found today, or from a daily email newsletter I get. One Kings Lane.
I also found a few things from Oh and The Foundary So sign up and you will be able to get designer items for 1/2 price!!

I love how rustic and shabby chic these are!! They are all $100 and under!! A steal right? So go and check out those websites and if you join and mention my name we both get credits to a purchase!

Well, I am going to relax and rest up since I feel like poo! Have a Goodnight!

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