Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a tease...

Oh my goodness! Where did Spring go? Today it was snowing and sleeting on my way to work! Eek! Yuck! High of 44 today. Just last week it was in the 80's. Well, remember how I said that my hubby and I might visit the beach/coast of NC this past weekend? Well, that didn't happen b/c it was dreary and cold. Boo for that, but I still had a pretty amazing long weekend! It could of been longer! ;-)

So, for our anniversary it was a relaxed day. We had lunch at The Pit, well known for their bbq and the pitmaster has been featured on the Food Network with Bobby Flay. Yummy!! Then we went to Gigi's Cupcakes. I got the strawberry shortcake. It was delicious!
Then I went and got my nails done--love me a mani/pedi and I picked a bright pink for Spring! Then it was dinner time so we went to a place in downtown Raleigh which used to be the Duck & Dumpling, but is now a thai restaurant. It was so good! Visit Fai Thai here. It was very traditional thai cuisine. We had coconut curry soup, chicken satay, a curry beef tenderloin and pad thai. They come as small portions, so we shared everything. We had a really nice time.

Then on Friday morning, we headed to IKEA in Charlotte, NC. After all this time I have never been and it is only 2 hours away. We had a lot of fun! We ended up leaving with a bunch of things and also a bunch of things on a wish list for next time! I can not wait to share with you everything we got. I'll give a sneak peak, but I will have to post pictures later on how everything works in our house.

So, here is a sneak peak of the goodies we bought!
Love this set!! It was the perfect gray, this is on the end of our bed and the pillow cover fits one of my throw pillows exactly!! Yeah! Here was the one that was my inspiration for my bedroom....

See? This one above was from Restoration Hardware and retailed I think for over $200. This one from IKEA cost  $69. Can you believe it? I still need to find a duvet though like the one above, either solid or a subtle pattern. Also, since the quilt came with only 1 pillow cover, I need another one to cover my other pillow that is the same size...I thought about this...

It is only $15.00 at IKEA...

Then for our bedside tables we finally upgraded to mature lamps!! Here they are...

These pictures do not do them justice. The base of the lamp is more of an antique bronze and the shade above is the one we paired with it. It is so beautiful! I can not wait to show you the difference between what we had and these.

We then were in the kitchen section and the hubby and I both loved this and I am so glad we got it. It was $8.99!

Ok, you are probably wondering what this is, right? It's a magnetic knife wall rack. It just attaches to the wall and voila! Your knives are a magnet to this beauty and it frees up a lot of counter space!

So, that was our trip to IKEA...had lots of furniture this time, but boy oh boy do we have ideas!

I also wanted to share you a gift that we received. I shared this on my blog and I got it in the mail from one of my blog readers, my hubby's stepmom. Yeah! I love it!

The rest of the weekend we just relaxed and ran was nice. My MIL just arrived into town last night and she took us to dinner at 518 West . It was yummy Italian food. Then after dinner we came home and vegged on the sofa and ate my hubby's oh so yummy caramel apple pie. It was an awesome weekend!!

Ciao for now!

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