Monday, March 7, 2011

Decorative Moss/Jute Balls

Hey there! This weekend I did manage to do some crafty projects that I have been wanting to do, didn't get to do everything, but accomplished a few things.

So, I needed something to fill in a few spots on a couple of tables. I found great ideas from two bloggers that I follow, Decorative Moss & Jute covered balls. I figured I would put them in a decorative bowl or an apothercary jar. Now, the jute ones were time consuming, but I was listening to the television while doing them so it wasn't that bad. The moss ones were really easy and took about 5-10 minutes to make. I am going to put up some pictures of my little project, but I am still not satisfied with the presentation. I think it needs to go into an apothecary jar, but I have yet to pick a couple up.

Here they are...
These are the materials that were needed: styrofoam balls, jute, moss, glue gun and scissors.

Here is one picture of the final product....see? I don't like the bowl I have it in...

Another view...

A Close up...

Check out the posts from The Sweet Survival & Thrifty, Decor, Chic. They were my inspiration for to just find the perfect container. Once I find it, I will post a new pic!

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  1. Love the jute balls. I've just gotta make me some!