Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Supporting your local Markets....

So, besides trying to recreate something by DIY...I love shopping at stores that are unique to the area. I want to be able to find something that is unique and you can not find anywhere else or at least at the name-brand stores. This is why I would like to pay my homage to a few my area and beyond.

One of my highschool friends dreamt that he would own his own interior design studio and store one day. With much admiration for design and hardwork he finally has created his dream by opening his boutique in Midtown Atlanta. With being open less than a year he is doing remarkably well and has already been featured in national magazines. Check out his boutique here!

This is my fav pic of his boutique:

Another local store I would like to point out is The Rusty Bucket in downtown Apex in North Carolina. Now, some of their things are a little too country for my taste, but they do have some unique things and I always can not resist not buying something from this store. I purchased a unique rustic town sign when we bought our house. I love it, because no one else is going to have it. I also love, love, love, their candles. Did I say love? McCall's Candles are to die for...if they were edible I think I would be eating them because they smell so good. I also just received word through their email newsletter that one of the other local shops a few doors down is closing and they are inheriting their candle product line...which is also amazing! They are soy and I have given them as gifts! In fact, I need to stock up because my sister informed me that even though I bought one for her for Christmas she accidentally left it burning for 24 hours and now there is nothing left. That is how amazing their scents are! They even leave the room aromatic when they are not even lit.

So, even though these may not be close to your home, be adventurous and find a local boutique and support them!!

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