Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring almost here?

On this dreary day in North Carolina, I keep wondering if Spring is near. Every few days or so we get a taste of Spring with temps reaching in the 70's and tiny sprouts of daffodils emerging. To pass the time, I've been dreaming of blue skies and beautiful colors everywhere...

So, to get in the vibe of Spring...these are some of my favorites for spring...

FLOWERS!! They always bring a sense of cheer to any the vibrancy of these peonies!
Bright Colors & Pastels....Dutchman's Design

Whimsical Design...a touch of whimsy
OR some colorful Milk Glass....Pier 1

and why not add some cherry blossom stems to those milk glass vases!
All in all, we can either find these beautiful things in the stores around town, but why not find som old and antique items and do a little revamping! Visit flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, you name it to find a bargain and recreate the beauty of spring on a dime. Plus, its the perfect weather to take your project outdoors and enjoy the fresh air!

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