Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's March?

Wow...where did February go? Time flies. It seems like it was just New Year's and now it is almost Easter. Goodness. It is March 3rd and there is snow on the ground--not much, but there is still snow. Where is Spring already? My tulips and daffodils are trying to escape and bloom! So one (who is actually interested in what I have to say) might ask what's been going on with me? Have I kept myself on track with losing weight and exercise? So...a little update.

Hmm, so I was going to start the C25K program. I completed one day and completely did it wrong and well since then haven't continued with it. GRRR, mad at myself for that. I do have excuses, maybe not the best...but they are excuses. I got sick once again and far worse than over New Year's. I thought I was safe from getting sick again since it has been going around in the office, but NO! I got the worst sinus infection and I wasn't completely feeling 100% until 2 weeks later. My MIL was in town at the same time too and that flew by. Otherwise things are going great! Even though I was sick and did not continue with the C25K program I managed to stay on track with losing weight. I was tracking on weight watchers, but I didn't weigh in for 3 weeks! I just jumped on the scale on Monday evening and I lost 6lbs! Dang! I was so excited! Now...if only I get my butt in gear and do some activity along with it! My husband said I am giving you a month and if you do not go to the gym at least once a week we are dropping our gym membership! No!!! I don't want I better get myself there! There is never an excuse, I know! It is a constant mental battle. So...that is where I stand.

Oh and so I am 24 lbs from getting a new car too! Wahoo! Also, found out I am going to be a bridesmaid in my college room mate's wedding in December 2010. Ok, I do not want to be the huge bridesmaid and have to get a size 26 dress or something. lol. I have 10 months to get my butt in gear for that! Actually more like 6-7 months since I have to probably order bridesmaid dresses by then. I can do it!!! Yeah!

Alright I am done with blogging for today...and who knows when I will be blogging again...since the last time I blogged was over a month ago...but my day at work is close to being over and I get to go home. Wahoo!

Till next time....Ciao!

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