Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

OK, so during the past week an "arctic blast" swept the nation and has brought on dreary, and miserable cold weather. Now, I am from cold for me has always been in the 60's, until I moved to NC and have in-laws in upstate NY. With living in NC for a little over 2 years blood has adapted to the mildly cold winters here. Our averages in Raleigh and the Triangle run from the 40's-50's for highs. I am not complaining here, I actually enjoy it this time of year since I get to bundle up!

Ok, so with this "Arctic Blast" sweeping through we have had our lows in the teens w/ windchills in the single digits. REALLY Really Cold..I am sorry for all the northerners b/c you have it much worse! The only thing is that is driving me crazy is the Floridians (I used to be one) complaining about 30's and 40's! I almost want to say umm...want to experience cold?

Now, I understand for the most part where they are coming from. Here is a perfect example of one reason that I do not understand. My Mom was born and raised in NJ...but when this cold snap came to Florida, she began wearing long underwear! haha All I can do is laugh. When I moved to NC I experienced my first winter here and didn't even own a decent coat, scarves, gloves, closed-toed shoes--but never did I wear long underwear!

I do think it is remarkable that Florida actually had snow-flurries, but I guess I am just griping b/c well...Florida's cold spell will last only a few more days if that and I see frost on my windshield and car every morning.

Love you Florida...but wow!

Ok, I am done with my griping. Happy Tuesday everyone! haha

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